Additional sales

Every new purchase is a new opportunity, because it provides opportunities for additional sales. After all, enticing an existing customer to a new purchase is easier than recruiting a new customer. With Nextmessage you automatically send customers relevant related purchases based on previous purchases. With Nextmessage you really make a difference in relevance. Discover how Nextmessage can help you send really relevant communication about additional sales via email, print & SMS.


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Definition of additional sales

Stimulating additional sales with Nextmessage means that you steer towards truly personal additional sales. In short, communication about additional sales that is really relevant for your customers. Some examples:

  • Your customer bought a Makita drill in the past week. The customer has not ordered any accessories with the drill. You email the customer relevant matching additional sales to stimulate additional sales.
  • Your customer has already bought dog food several times. Nextmessage recognizes that your customer is a dog owner. This way you can easily send all dog owners messages relevant to dog owners.
  • Your customer bought party clothes for a festival. Based on the theme of the party wear, you send relevant accessories after purchase to stimulate additional sales and complete the outfit.

The above examples are just a selection from the use-cases of Nextmessage.

How does Nextmessage help you?​

1. Integrate data sources.

Start importing customers, products & orders from your e-commerce software, webshop or ERP software. Connect via the API or directly connect with WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento 2.

2. Nextmessage Pixel.

Install the Nextmessage Pixel by adding the script. We are now enriching customer information with the behavior of your customers on your website. This creates a 360° view of the customer.

3. Segmentation.

With all that data you are perfectly able to create target groups. Combine static customer fields with dynamic information such as purchasing behavior and page visits on the website.

4. Customer Journeys.

Compile a customer journey, including email, print and SMS campaigns that are triggered based on your segments. Always perfectly matching your corporate identity thanks to our drag-and-drop builder.

5. Product logic.

Add the most relevant products for your customer to communication. Create a filter and ensure maximum relevance and therefore automatically more turnover.

6. Reporting.

Measuring is crucial, that's why all email, print & SMS messages are fully measurable. This way you have all the data at hand to continuously improve campaigns.

Communicate via e-mail, print & SMS.

Personalize content and design campaigns that fully match your brand's corporate identity. Use our email, print & SMS builder. You use drag-and-drop to design the campaign. Ready to send communication in no time. Show products in communication? With our product logic, every customer only sees the products most relevant to him.