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Get the most out of your customer base with Nextmessage's email marketing software. Real-time linked to your webshop, and therefore all data available for the most personalized communication, based on data. Discover how Nextmessage can help you send really smart email marketing campaigns.


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The best software for data based e-mail marketing automation.

Nextmessage offers your brand the smartest options for sending personalized email marketing campaigns. Choose a single email or set up a complete customer journey. Together with our email marketing specialists, we also help your organization achieve more sustainable customer relationships and turnover.

1. Create segments, based on customer behaviour.

Easily create dynamic segments based on your customer's behavior. That way you only approach the right customers with a really relevant message. The automated connection with your webshop continuously provides new opportunities.

2. Set up customer journeys for automated e-mail campaigns.

Compile a customer journey, including email, print and SMS campaigns that are triggered based on your segments. Determine with dependencies whether each campaign should be sent and get the most out of the customer journey.

3. Personalized content & excellent e-mail builder

Personalize content and design communications that fully match your brand's corporate identity. Use the email builder. Show products? With our Nextmessage product logic, every customer only sees the most relevant products.

Frequently Asked Questions

With e-mail marketing you send a customer a message via e-mail. Nextmessage focuses on email marketing automation, where you automatically send messages with the right message, automatically triggered at the right moment in the customer journey.

Determine the correct segmentation of the target group based on, among other things, customer behavior and website visits. You set up communication that will be sent automatically as soon as a customer meets the conditions. However, you can also easily send a one-time e-mail via Nextmessage.

You understand, email marketing automation is much more personal and, above all, more relevant. The automated nature of email marketing automation also ensures that the customer is continuously triggered. This way, your brand remains top-of-mind with your customer.

Email marketing software facilitates you in setting up email marketing.

Nextmessage chooses to work in five easy steps:

  1. Connect your e-commerce software or webshop with Nextmessage. Retrieve all data so that you have all data available to send really relevant mailings.
  2. Create dynamic target groups based on customer data, order data and website behavior of your customers.
  3. Link the target groups each to their own customer journey. Determine relevant communication moments and link the right campaigns. Combine email marketing with, for example, SMS and print within one customer journey.
  4. Design the email campaigns with the simple email builder.
  5. Finished! Every message is sent automatically, towards sustainable revenue growth with sufficient reporting options to measure the effect.

You can also send a one-time newsletter with Nextmessage. That makes Nextmessage suitable as email marketing software as well as email marketing automation software.

Email marketing can have different objectives. Nextmessage combines the 6 main objectives of email marketing. We call them our use-cases.

  • Onboarding: every new customer offers an opportunity to build a long-term relationship. After all, enticing an existing customer to a new purchase is easier than recruiting a new customer. Therefore, make sure that the customer really gets to know the story behind your brand.
  • Additional sales: every new purchase is interesting, because it provides more opportunities for additional sales. With Nextmessage you automatically send customers relevant related purchases based on previous purchases. With Nextmessage you really make a difference in relevance.
  • Customer retention: you have a new customer, of course you want to keep that customer active for as long as possible. To ensure this, you need to stay relevant. You want to continue to stand out in a continuously growing stream of incentives and other brands.
  • Customer reactivation: of course you always want to stay top-of-mind with your customers. This often works with relevant communication, but sometimes a personal reactivation is necessary. Nextmessage identifies these moments and sends customers communication containing relevant products and services or a personal offer.
  • Repeat purchases: a buying customer, in a fixed pattern for a longer period of time, provides a sustainable revenue stream for your brand. If a customer no longer follows this fixed pattern, it is important to continue to communicate. With personal reminders you really make the difference in relevance.
  • Personal offers: Of course, any form of advertising provides more visibility and potentially more new customers and sales. However, in the continuously growing stream of incentives, it is becoming increasingly important to be and remain relevant. With personal offers you really make the difference in relevance.

The best e-mail marketing software distinguishes itself in simplicity of implementation, the ability to easily set up campaigns and good reporting. That is why we dare to say that Nextmessage offers the best email marketing software when you are looking for email marketing software for webshops and e-commerce.

Nextmessage combines all the important factors:

  • Easy implementation: easily connect your webshop or e-commerce software to Nextmessage. Add the Nextmessage Pixel and get started right away.
  • All data: combine all customer, product and order data from your webshop or e-commerce software and add data about website visits. That way you create the perfect target groups for email marketing automation.
  • Match different channels: set up a customer journey with automatically sent personal e-mails, but also print and SMS messages.
  • Sustainable results: continuous ongoing campaigns (email marketing automation) ensure sustainable customer relationships and turnover. A stable foundation.

We strive for ROI that fits your goals in the field of email marketing. In this example we split software and design of our software.

  • Software: with Nextmessage we facilitate you with the most relevant options to segment your target group, set up customer journeys, design and send campaigns and the availability of reporting.
  • Setup: our email marketing specialists are ready to help you. They can support you with setting up, furnishing and further development.

Are you curious which goals your brand could achieve? Discuss it with one of our email marketing specialists.

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There are several aspects that determine the cost of email marketing. Below you will find a complete overview of the costs and how Nextmessage handles this.

  • Initial costs: you pay no connection costs with Nextmessage. Moreover, you can easily link your webshop or e-commerce software to Nextmessage. Choose the standard link with WooCommerce, Magento 2 & Shopify or another option.
  • Email marketing software: Nextmessage is offered as a SaaS solution. You pay a fixed monthly fee, including support and support. The amount you pay depends on the size of your customer base, among other things.

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  • Design: composing target groups, customer journeys and campaigns is incredibly easy. This saves time and therefore also costs. For example, with the simple email builder you can easily design an email and fill it with the right content, for example the most relevant products per individual customer.
  • Test and send: test emails when it suits you. Then schedule the email at the most relevant time. If you work with a customer journey, the e-mail will automatically send at the moment you choose.
  • Improve: good reporting provides real-time insight into the performance of your campaigns. This makes it easy to see which target groups, customer journeys and campaigns are working, and which need improvement. If you need some help, our email marketing specialists are here for you.

In short, Nextmessage makes it simple and makes high costs a thing of the past. The continuous nature of e-mail marketing automation ensures that you set up the software properly once and then continue to communicate with your relations.

You decide how often customers receive messages. Of course, Nextmessage works on the basis of target groups and triggers set by you, so the more relevant a customer, the more emails a customer receives from Nextmessage.

From experience we can say that relevance is ultimately more important than the number of emails a customer receives. And thanks to the possibilities to send really personal e-mails to customers, this should definitely work out with Nextmessage.

The success of email marketing is determined by several factors. The most important factor is relevance, which is almost entirely determined by the layout. There are endless possibilities within Nextmessage to set up e-mail marketing in the right way and from Nextmessage support is available to arrange this. Our email marketing specialists are ready to help you with this. Start now, schedule a free demo or contact us

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