Tailor-made packages

Webshop, retailer or wholesaler with growth ambitions? On average, Nextmessage immediately generates 15-30% growth in revenue.

Onboarding is fully included.

Each package includes complete onboarding for free. We help you connect your webshop, devise and set up all relevant target groups, campaigns and customer journeys. You start paying as soon as your really profitable marketing automation campaigns start running.

Monthly Save 2 months
START-UP Up to 500 orders per month

All features to kickstart your marketing campaigns:
  Marketing automation campaigns via email
Build extensive customer journeys and design beautiful campaigns.

  Real-time connection
Simply connect with WooCommerce, Magento 2, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware, Lightspeed, NextChapter through API or sync via JSON.

  Audience builder
Based on customer data, order data & behavior on the website.

  Fully measureable
Extensive reporting with smart attribution models.

Send up to 30.000 emails
Room for growth up to 30,000 emails per month.

All packages include unlimited contacts.
Growth From 500 orders per month

All the features of the start-up package, plus:
Expand with print & SMS
Also start with marketing automation through print & SMS.

Validation of complete mailing lists
The cleanest mailing list with validation of all email addresses.

Send up to 200,000 emails
Room for growth up to 200,000 emails per month.

  A quarterly strategy meeting
Together we aim for measurable success.

We always set up your account completely free of charge.
Scale up From 5.000 orders per month

All the features of the growth package, plus:
Discount on print marketing automation
Immediately 10% discount on prints & shipping via PostNL.

Up to 1,000,000 emails per month
Room for growth up to 1,000,000 emails per month.

  Dedicated marketing automation specialist
Continuously monitors your campaigns and settings to tweak your campaigns.

Each package includes unlimited support (also proactive).

Do you send more than 1,000,000 emails per month or completely outsource marketing automation?
Schedule a demo to discuss the possibilities of a tailor-made package.

All prices quoted are in euros and exclude 21% VAT.

Our use-cases

You have complete freedom to create target groups, campaigns and customer journeys yourself. How others use Nextmessage? The most successful use-cases at a glance.


Do you want to improve your client onboarding? Increase customer retention by engaging customers to really introduce your brand.

Additional sales

Stimulate additional sales with automatic triggers based on order data? Send triggers for additional sales based on data.

Customer retention

Increase customer retention with automatic communication based on data? Retain customers longer with the right reminders.

Customer reactivation

Reactivate dormant customers with automatic communication based on order data? Reactivate customers with the right message.

Repeat purchases

Stimulate more repeat purchases with automatic triggers based on order data? Encourage repeat purchases for sustainable revenue.

Personalized offers

Want to send really personal offers to your customers? Send your customers personal offers to create a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Nextmessage you can real-time import your customers, products and orders. Based on customer behaviour or demographics, you can build dynamic audiences. You can continuously target these audiences through e-mail, print or SMS campaigns within a customer journey to deliver the right message to your customers. This way you  reactivate inactive customers, send personalized offers or get more repeat purchases.

If you import more customers, products or orders than your plan allows within a given billing period, you will be charged a small overage fee on a per-contact basis. Any overage fees are added to your invoice for the following billing period.

Yes! Our specialists can walk you through the entire set-up process to ensure that your Nextmessage environment is built for success. You can also work with our specialists to evaluate your entire program and get a detailed assessment to help you identify areas for optimization, such as new ideas for audiences or campaigns.

We require all of our customers to verify their accounts. This helps to safeguard your account and maintain deliverability for you and all of our customers.

When you create an account with Nextmessage, you will automatically have a ‘Trial’ account. You can easily test our services out and see if they meet your needs. With this type of account you will be able to check if you can set your import correctly and start optimizing your data. You can also setup audiences, campaigns and customer journeys. We also offer technical support to help you become familiar with the tool.

We invoice in advance, meaning that you will receive an invoice from Nextmessage on the 20th of each month for the following month. Therefore, if you wish to make any changes to your subscription, such as downgrading your subscription, you need to do this before the 20th of the month.

Nextmessage is provided to you as a service (SaaS). Our servers host your data and autonomously update your audiences, campaigns and customer journey. Nextmessage is under constant development and is always being updated. Additionally, we provide support free of charge. We find that charging monthly provides flexibility, both for us and for you as a customer.

We want Nextmessage to live a long and healthy life, and we want to afford to work on improving it. This would only be possible if it can pay for itself.