The ultimate tool for data based personalized communication.

for e-mail, print & sms marketing
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1. Integrate data sources & install Nextmessage Pixel

Start importing customers, products & orders from your e-commerce store, webshop or ERP system. Connect via the API or via our direct connection with WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento 2.

2. Create target groups & compose customer journeys

Divide your customers based on behavior. Link the right moments and communication in a customer journey to send automated messages to your customers.

3. Automatically send emails, prints & SMS to customers

Create campaigns and send emails, prints or text messages. Simply designed with the Nextmessage builder. With extensive reporting for a clear picture of the results.

Send your customers the right message, based on data.

Use customer data, purchase behavior and website visits of your customers to automatically send the right personal communication to your customers.

Communicate via e-mail, print & SMS.

The combination of data, software and three strong communication channels make Nextmessage unbeatable when it comes to communication with customers.




Reactivate customers

Reactivate customers with personalized reactivation.


Repeat purchases

Automatically target customers when we predict they run out of the product.


Send personalized offers

Easily send personalized offers by e-mail, print or SMS. Based on customer behaviour.

“Continuous additional sales”

Our additional sales increased by 40% in revenue, thanks to the automated personalized campaigns.

“100% personalized”

Automated campaigns, based on customer behaviour, make our customer communication 100% personalized.

Ready to get more out of your customer data?

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